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Lightroom Presets are everywhere, so it's not easy to find the right shop and partner for your editing and photography. There are a number of different uses for Adobe Lightroom presets. They can greatly assist you as you edit photographs and fasten up your workflow. 123Presets is one of the biggest Lightroom Shops online and claims to have sold over 100.000 Lightroom Mobile & Desktop Presets counting over 8000 Reviews. The numbers are impressive. Can Presetlion live up to 123Presets?

Today, we’re going to compare the 2021 newly launched PresetLion vs 123.Presets in a feature for feature showdown.



When considering a partner for great Lightroom Presets, it’s important to consider what does every shop offer. Both platforms position themselves as specifically built for Lightroom Presets to help Photographers and Influencers with filters to edit and customize their photos quick and easy without limits using Adobe Lightroom. These presets are pre-build photo editing adjustments and you can simply apply them with one click to make your instagram feed and photos stand out with a certain look and style.

Both 123Presets and PresetLion offer an impressive amount of presets and collections for Mobile and Desktop. 123Presets being around for quite some time now clearly has more preset packs to offer. You are able to find a massive catalog of different styles and looks for every possible situation. But the number of included Presets per Collection vary a lot, often only including less than ten presets per pack. However PresetLion always offers 10 Lightroom Presets in all their Lightroom Presets Collections! Presetlion is constantly adding new preset packs and products to their catalog every month. So it's only a matter of time till PresetLion is catching up - adding and building their own massive lightroom presets catalog every week. Both libraries are extraordinary and provide  premium high quality presets.

Now let’s dive a bit deeper and take a look at each aspect of the battle PresetLion vs. 123.Presets. 


Lightroom Presets Shop View

PresetLion Shop Design


Lightroom Presets are loved by bloggers, influencers and photo lovers. Many potential customers looking for Lightroom Presets often not only edit photos as photographers, but are also working as videographers. Editing their video footage in Final Cut Pro X, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro and other DAW's.

123Presets and PresetLion both offer to purchase seperate packs for your desired file format for Mobile (dng) and Desktop (xmp) of their collections. also offers Instagram Cover Highlights and ios Themes, but they do not offer Cinematic Luts.

This is where PresetLion shines. Not only are you able download the Mobile (dng) and Desktop (xmp) Versions, but also Cinematic Luts (3D cube) for color grading and applying the same look to your video footage in your favorite DAW. Plus you can purchase the "ALL IN ONE" Bundles of every collection where you get all file formats in one bundle for a reduced price.

PresetLion is founded by videographer and music producer @NotProfane that produced and directed over 150 (music) videos that gained over 15 million views on Youtube. This is why PresetLion's core expertise also lies in handcrafting Cinematic Luts that were already used in international commercials, music videos and many professional videos. Optimized for Canon, Fujfilm, Red, Sony or Panasonic cameras - Log / HLG and more.

Preview of Examples of Cinematic Luts


One of the most important aspects of buying Lightroom Presets not only is the quality, but also a budget-friendly pricing model. The biggest differences in these two shops can be seen in their pricing. 123Presets is starting at 15$ for a pack offering promotions to pick 12 presets and only pay for 3. In total you pay around 45$ for around 100 presets. 

PresetLion on the other hand charges 29€ per single presets collection. At first this looks expensive, but as the first Lightroom Presets & Cinematic Luts Shop worldwide Presetlion is offering unique Subscription Plans that give you the best value for the price on the market by far.

Depending on the current promotion offerings on PresetLion you only pay 49€-99€ the first month and all recurring months are 2.99€ or 4.99€ to get Unlimited Access to download all products, presets & luts on! You can cancel any time.

The best part is you even get access to download all new product releases and future updates as long as you have an active subscription. New releases notifications are sent to you directly every time via email or SMS.

With the right promotion offer in total you pay 49€ the first month and all recurring months 2.99€/4.99€ for over 300+ Files plus future releases growing every week!

Check out both All Access Plans here:



Especially for beginners that want to test and try out some Lightroom Presets before they buy, only PresetLion offers Free Lightroom Presets and Cinematic Lut packs. This is a great way to find out if working with Presets & Luts helps you during your editing/grading process and if you can trust the quality on PresetLion.



Both PresetLion and 123Presets have a slick and stylish store design and user interface. Both websites make navigation fast, easy and usable!

When it comes to customer service both shops measure up about equally. Both offer quick response times. However only PresetLion also offers a Live Chat 24/7 for even faster replies and questions you might have.



  • Both shops offer amazing Lightroom Presets, shop design & customer support
  • 123Presets has cheaper single product pricing
  • Only Presetlion offers to download all Products & Future Releases with an All Access subscription plan for a budget-friendly price starting at 2.99€  monthly
  • 123Presets offers more preset packs and a bigger catalog
  • PresetLion offers the unique Influencer Collection - Presets by famous Influencers
  • PresetLion also offers some Free Lightroom Presets
  • Only PresetLion offers handcrafted Cinematic Luts perfect for videographers & youtubers


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